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Cable shoesHere you will find a wide selection of cable shoes from 0.1-1000mm². We carry a wide range of cable shoes according to the usual standards and standards. By clicking on the different products, you can read more about the details and specifications of the items, including quantity in inventory, type, standard, mm² and hole size. You can also read more about that brand, click on other products of the same make or see a selection of related products at the bottom. In our cable shoe range you will find various brands, including Mecatronica. Based on the different products, you can always see if the item is in stock, see prices, and put the item in your shopping cart.What are cable shoes?Cable shoes are a connecting product used to assemble and connect cables to electrical installations, machines, ect.. Cable shoes, including related products, are manufactured in copper, aluminum or brass, and often in tinned versions. The cable shoe is pressed on cables and wires to connect the supply and the consumption of the appliance. In our range you will find cable shoes for all purposes, and we have series that fit tools from Klauke and Elpress!We offer cable lugs in the following sizes: 0,1-1000mm².Find the right cable shoes at HINIn many different situations you may need cable shoes and if you are looking for just the right one for your purpose, do not look any further. In our large cable shoe range, you are guaranteed to find the right cable shoes for your purpose. Whether you need cable shoes for very small wires, e.g. in cars, or cable shoes for large cables which are used for example when pulling to installations.In our range you will find:Ring cableAngle cable shoePlabus cable shoes DIN46234Coe cable shoes in pure nickelStainless steel cable shoesKable shoes set with several sizesH-clipsC-clipsInsulated cable shoesInsulated fork cable shoesInsulated press muffsInsulated flat connectorUninsulated flat plugUninsulated terminalsInsulated terminal tubesA range set of terminal tubes