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Cable ties Avoid clutter in the wiresWith cable strips, you can easily control wires and cables in both storage and electrical installations. If you don’t want to spend time unmaning wires when you need to pick up a wire in the warehouse, cable ties are the answer to your problems! Likewise, with cable strips you can avoid a jungle of wires, but on the contrary, complete the electrical installation in a neat and organized way. If you have a large number of wires and cables lying around, you can usefully keep track of them with strips so they don’t get messed up, and you can also easily move them without going into mess or rolling out. Find your cable strips at Hin On this page you will find our cable ties shop with our wide range of strips for cables and wires. Click on the different products and read more about the details and specifications of the product. You can, among other things, see the product’s item number, see if we have the item in our own warehouse or remote inventory, and add the product to your shopping cart. You can also read more about the supplier and click on other products of the same brand. We negotiate cable strips in packages with different numbers, so you can order homes in both smaller and larger batches. Of course, you’ll also find cable strips in many different sizes, so whether you need a small 100 mm cable tie or the very large and powerful ones, you’ll find them on this page.Cable ties for many purposesIn our range you will find cable strips for many different purposes. We have both very powerful cable ties, e.g. in steel and with ball lock, as well as smaller plastic cable ties for smaller electronics. Aluminium or steel cable ties are especially used for the large cables that require strong cable strips with high resistance. Strips can be used for many purposes and are also used to keep track of anything other than electronics.Organize wires and cables with colorsBy organizing your wires and cables with cable ties for electronics in different colors, you can easily find just the wire you need. On this page you will find both yellow cable ties and red cable ties, as well as cable ties in standard colours such as nature, white and black. By coloring your electronics, you get a more manageable warehouse. Our cable strips are of the best quality and at competitive prices.