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Shrink tube and shrink flex On this page you will find our large selection of shrink hoses, shrink sleeves and shrink packing for the professional electrician. We sell shrink hoses, crimp sleeves with shrink flex and shrink hoses with glue in many different sizes, lengths and colors, so you are guaranteed to find the product that suits your needs and purpose. In our selection you will also find shrink hose sets with several different sizes, so you can get shrink hoses with different applications in one package. By purchasing shrink flex in different colors, you can also create color coding so that you have a better and more organized overview of wires and cables.Shrink flex for many purposesShrink flex has many different applications and is therefore available in different shapes – e.g. as sleeves, sheets or hoses. The type of shrink flex you need depends on the purpose as well as the size of the wires or cables to be protected/repaired. Shrinkflex is an extended plastic material that shrinks back to its original size when the material is heated. Shrink flex is therefore often used for insulation and protection of wires and cables, as it protects against both moisture, wear, chemical substances and heat. On this page you will find shrink flex in different thicknesses as well as shrink hoses with glue and without glue (double wall and single wall respectively).Repair and extend with shrink sleevesSemuffs with shrink flex are used by authorized professionals when two wires need to be assembled. For example, the shrink sleeves are used if a cable has been dug over and needs to be repaired or if an installation cable is to be extended. The press sleeve connects securely and tightly around the two conductors when the material heats up and ensures a good and durable result.Crym hoses protect cables and wiresShrink hoses are used in various industries, e.g. in the electricity industry to protect and insulate cables from heat, water and chemicals. A shrink hose aims to shrink tightly together the cable so that moisture, chemicals and the like cannot escape to the cable. This is done by gently heating the shrink flex with a gas burner or an electric heat gun from one end to the other. Starting at one end and moving gently forward avoids air holes and bumps.Should assemble multiple units – use shrink packing. With shrink packing, you have the ability to assemble multiple units easily and quickly. With the so-called “wrap around” shrink flex, you are not dependent on the shrink hose being the right size, but can easily assemble the shrinkflex material around different parts. Shrink packing gives you more applications for assembly and protection of several different items and can be used for a myriad of purposesFind the right shrink flex here on the pageIf you need a shrink hose with glue, squeeze sleeve with shrink flex or shrink pack, you will find what you are looking for here on the page. By clicking on the individual products, you can find product specifications and details, such as size, weight, shrink temperature and the like. We deliver shrink flex, shrink hoses, shrink packing and shrink sleeves to professionals.