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Find soldered paste here Do you need the right solder paste for your project? On this page you will find HIN’s wide selection of solder paste and accessories. You can filter your search by manufacturer if you are looking for a solder paste from a particular brand, and by clicking on the individual products, you can read about the item’s specifications and add the product to your basket. In addition, you can always tell if we have the item in stock or remote storage. We deliver to customers throughout Europe and have both product quality and customer service at the forefront.Pade paste of the best qualityWe offer a wide range of best quality soldering paste from renowned manufacturers such as Senju, Asahi, Martin and Heraeus. In our range you will find all types of alloys and with powder sizes/types from 2-6In our range you will find: SAC305 Solder paste with silver Solder paste with lead Lead-free solder pasteDifferent types of solder pasteSolder paste is a material used for the manufacture of circuit boards, to connect surface mounting components to the pads on the circuit board. The soldering paste initially holds the components in place by being sticky, it is then heated (along with the rest of the circuit board), the paste melts and forms a mechanical bond as well as an electrical connection. The paste is placed on the circuit board by jet printing, stencil printing or spraying, and then put the components in place by a pick-and-place machine or manually. Please note that recent legislation has banned the use of lead in many products.