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Gas solderOn this page you will find our selection of Weller gas solder irons of the best quality. By clicking on the different products you can find information about the item, including weight, temperature and wattage, and you can add the item to your shopping cart. With a soldering iron on gas, you can easily solder right where you want without relying on power and power outlet. With a Weller gas solder iron, you get a soldering iron of the highest quality Slip for wires and cablesWith a soldering iron on gas, you get a smart, convenient and portable soldering iron where you are not bound by wires or power cables. The gas solder iron is a convenient choice if you often come out to have to solder in places where there is not just an outlet available. Soldered irons that run on gas are easy to carry on the go and to work with outdoors, as they make power sockets and power redundant. In addition, you get a soldering iron that’s even more handy than the classic electric soldering irons, as you don’t get rid of wires that easily get in the way during soldering. Soldering is a precision work, so it’s important that you can work concentrated without distractions. A smart and user-friendly solutionA gas soldering iron can typically be used for 30-60 minutes on the gas that may be in it, after which the soldering iron must be replenished. The soldering iron fills easily and quickly with regular lighter gas, and you fill it in exactly the same way you fill a lighter. A Weller gas solder iron comes with either hood or case, so it’s easy to take on the go and can handle transport without injury. HIN provides easy-to-use gas solder irons and other electronic accessories for all purposes