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Soldering irons Are you looking for the right soldering iron for your project? On this page you will find our wide range of the best soldering iron on the market. By clicking on the different products, you can read more about the details and specifications of the different soldering iron. You can find, among other things, information about the number in inventory, connection voltage, weight and from and to temperature, you can also read more about the individual brand and click on other products of the same brand or see a selection of related products. Inside the different products, you can always see if the item is in stock, see the price and put the item in your shopping cart. Wide range of soldering ironHIN sells a wide range of Weller soldering irons as well as Weller soldering iron spare parts. Solder iron are used when you need to solder different electronic components together, and in our selection you will also find accessories such as heaters and distribution heads. Solder iron can be used to solder everything from small wires to transformer parts. We sell both gas solder cobs, soldering flasks to be connected to power and soldering iron with battery for a wireless model. Choly the right soldering ironOf course, very small materials need to be soldered together, so it is important that you choose the right solder iron and tips. Soldering is a great precision work, and it is important to have attention to detail. For more complicated tasks, you can choose the soldering irons in our range, where the temperature can be adjusted. Soldered iron with adjustable temperatures are primarily aimed at professional professionals or experienced users who have experience with soldering at different temperatures. On our site you will also find a versatile range of soldered iron accessories. Buy your soldering iron here as well as other electrical items for your project.