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MultimetersOn this page you will find HIN’s wide selection of digital multimeters in different price ranges. By clicking on the individual products, you can get more info about the item’s details and specifications, including, among other things, weight and make as well as adding the item to your shopping cart. At HIN we sell some of the most recognized brands in the field, and in the selection you will find, among others, Fluke multimeters, Amprobe multimeters and GW multimeters.In our range you will find:MultidigitalsMultimeter setMultimeterholderMultimeterpenMultimeter accessoriesOur portifilio offers many different types of multimeters. While some are simple and straightforward to carry in their pocket, others are more complex and with myriad features. In our selection you will also find several multimeters with built-in flashlight, so it is easy to make measurements even in dark and cramped locations.DigitalsMultimeters are used to measure electrical currents, resistance, voltage, DC and AC current, among other things. Digital multimeters are equipped with a display that indicates the measurement result in numbers, as opposed to the analog version, where the measurement results are indicated by a needle on a scale. With digital multimeters, you can easily and quickly read the measurement result, which is specified precisely with numbers, while it can be harder to read accurate results on an analog version. If voltage is to be measured, the digital multimeters must be used with two wires, one black and one red, for minus and plus. One end is connected multimetret, while the other is connected to the subject you want to measure.Multimetre to any needIn HIN’s range of digital multimeters, you will find measuring devices for every need. Whether you need a handy little pocket mulch that’s easy to take on the go, or if you need the larger and more advanced multimeters with many extras in your work, here’s what you need on this page. Fluke multimeters are known by their grey and yellow colours and solid designs, while the multimeters from GW-Instek are designed in a white and simple design, and Amprobe is known by the red color and black buttons.