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Thermal cameraOn this page you will find HIN’s range of thermal cameras. In the selection you will find thermal cameras for different kinds of thermography measurement, including thermography of power boards. We sell thermographic cameras in different price ranges and for different needs. You can click on the different products on the page and see the specifications on the individual cameras. Camer cameras for thermography measurement A thermographic camera is a thermographic scanner that can take infrared images that show things the naked eye can’t see. A thermal camera is, among other things, able to detect water wastage and moisture in walls as well as greater temperature differences. A thermography apparatus captures the infrared energy that is emitted and reflected from all kinds of surfaces and converts it into a thermogram. A thermogram is a thermal image that shows temperatures of the scanned object. The thermogram appears on the camera screen and can then be analyzed by experts.The analysis lies in the temperature differencesA thermography camera is used as mentioned to measure temperatures in different applications, and is an effective device for seeing moisture, temperature fluctuations and the like. Many therefore choose to have their house thermographed to see if the heating bill can be saved with possible resins, or to detect moisture and water damage that the naked eye cannot see. In the electricity industry, a thermal camera is used to make thermography of power boards and electrical cabinets. Here you look at the temperatures of the wires, which are compared to the other surrounding electrical installations. In the field of thermographic electricity, it is often not the temperature itself that is important, but rather temperature differences.Quality and ease of useWe offer a wide range of thermal cameras from the renowned Fluke Corporation, a market leader in electronic testing tools and software. Their thermography cameras are highly recognized and are therefore used by many professional professionals in the industry. With a thermographic camera from Fluke, you get an extremely robust and secure thermographic scanner. It is quality and ease of use that are paramount at Fluke, which is reflected in the simple but solid design.Beaer resolutions provide more accurate measurements For thermal cameras, the rule of thumb applies to the fact that the better the resolution you choose, the more accurate and reliable measurements you get. Like so much else, you get a better quality the further up the price level you get on thermal cameras. If you want a very precise thermography measurement, it is important that you choose a high image resolution thermography camera, and the higher the resolution, the better the camera will be over greater distances. In other words, with a high-resolution thermal camera, you can detect problems you wouldn’t have detected with a less high-resolution camera. HIN sells thermal cameras in different price ranges and with different resolutions, so you can easily find the camera that best suits your needs.